Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Love

California Coffee Tour: Day 6

We've had a funny relationship through the years. She was my childhood sweetheart, my first puppy love. You know, the one your parents think is sweet and they support you, but more because you're their kid, not because they think it's gonna work out. You'll do anything to be together. She's your world.

But then a few years go by. You grow up and the pressures of real life start to kick in . You got bills. Need to eat. The car breaks down and you learn real quick that love won't fix the car. And slowly, the relationship becomes routine, and after routine, it digresses into just another pressure, another bill, another thing that needs fixing.

"Maybe we should see other people." You say it because you already are. If not in actuality, then dozens of times in your mind. You see yourself happy again, or at least able to get by without being plagued with worry. You see what your parents saw, back when you were a child and didn't know any better. The world starts to make more sense this way.

So I left. I ran out and took a good look around. Took a good look at myself, too. Truth is, even though I left you, you never left me.

Now I'm back. Not with the chip I had on my shoulder before I left, not merely wanting to vindicate us in front of everybody who said we couldn't make it. I'm back because I don't see myself with anyone else. What we had was real from the beginning, and I would fail to be who I truly am or become who I'm supposed to be if I couldn't be with you for the rest of my life. You're my song, every melody that's in me, written and unwritten.

Take me back. Music, take me back.