Monday, October 11, 2010

Musicians Reaching Students at Nanakuli High

In September, I was invited by Na Leo to teach songwriting skills to students at Nanakuli High and Intermediate School, and to prepare a few of the them to track in the studio for a final project. Also joining us in the classroom were two of Hawaii's most prominent record producers: Jeff Rasmussen and Shawn Pimental. Thanks again NLP, for the opportunity to share music with "Ka hanauna hou o Palikea"

Na Leo's Nalani Choy working out chord progressions with one of her students.

Producers Jeff Rasmussen and Shawn Pimental, back in school.

In Lehua's Hawaiian Language class, we came up with a chorus for their class song (written on the notebook):

Kulia i ka nu`u
Kulia i ka pono
Ka hanauna hou o Palikea

Striving for the highest
Striving for righteousness
The next generation of Palikea (Nanakuli)